Team Building Activities

The following activities are great to include in team development programs or included as a challenge during social events! (outdoors & indoors).

These activities are all observed by an Instructor and are a mix of hands-on events, with varying levels of activity. All team members are able to take part in all the activities listed below.

Tactix Bricks is a fun game that can be used in many situations where you want a team to observe the effects of one-way communication verses two-way. Great for sales people, managers or anyone needing to improve communication.

teat tactics team building tactix bricks image
Team building image

Tactix Slater Shuttle is just like it sounds! Teams of 5 people on a set of skies working together to maneuver around a course while competing against other teams. Where we have teams of more than 5 people, they will have to go back for the other members creating a fun team race!

Tactix Squares is a thinking activity developed by Team Tactix from the first TV series of Survivor. it has been a huge hit with groups since it's introduction, and involves either individuals or teams competing to be the last one standing in a game (a little like chess). Great for social events and a must for team development.

team tactics squares team building excercise image

Tactix Trail is a great activity for building trust within a team. It’s best conducted in an isolated bush area with no distractions. A great activity to build trust within a team and stretch comfort zones slightly!

Tactix Maze is one of our latest additions. It is a real team builder that involves your team working from written instructions and with no verbal communication working their way across an 'invisible' maze.

team maze team building exercise image

tactix minefield team building activity picture

Tactix Minefield is a fun activity that builds trust and improves communication skills. This is a great activity to get everyone involved in.

Tactix Silhouettes is a new and fun activity. We have adapted this activity to allow a great team challenge. Tactix Silhouettes is an activity that can be included in team development sessions with appropriate de-briefing or as a fun challenge in a social event. Silhouettes test your skills of lateral thinking, it also tests the teams ability to work and communicate together to improve the teams decision making.

fun activity tactix silhouettes image

Team tactix Cosmic Quagmire picture

Tactix Cosmic Quagmire is a strategic challenge where the team is required to achieve a result with limited resources. It encourages and demonstrates the benefits of team work in a problem solving situation.

Overdraft is an activity used to start a programme. It gives all the participants a chance to take $10.00 off the facilitator, but will they? This fun activity demonstrates that winning is not always as important as having a go.

overdraft image
tactics stax image

Tactix Stax. We have recently developed this fast moving game to fit both team development and fun social events. Depending on the fitness level of the group we can run it over varying distances. Tactix Stax is about thinking, forward planning and action. Your team is required to move the stack from one point to another, box by box. It sounds simple but don’t be fooled - let us put you to the test!

themed events image

Themed Events are often a humorous and different way to jazz up a conference or event. We are happy to include theming in your team building and arrange a theme for you. If your conference has a specific theme we can structure activities to reflect that to make it a little more exciting. Please ask us for details or ideas when planning your event.

Team Development Package Suggestions

Team development activities and packages need careful selection as they are specifically designed to build team spirit and foster relationships. We always try to keep our activities fun and introduce less threatening activities into packages, along with the challenges.

At Team Tactix we pride ourselves on our customer service and for that reason we tailor each package of activities or event to meet your specific requirements. Please feel free to discuss any suggestions as we would like to make your event as memorable and successful as possible.


For a group of sales people who require motivation and need to learn to work as a team. Starting with a couple of activities like Tactix Stax and Cosmic Quagmire that require the team to work together using their heads, then moving onto Tactix Maze. To take a break from this type of activity and to challenge each other we suggest a game of Lasersport or Archery then finishing on a fun note with full team participation in the Slater Race.

2. Another option is starting with the group all together working on Overdraft and Tactix Minefield. Following this, split the group into two or three teams, each spending time rotating around on Tactix Silhouettes, Tactix Squares and Tactix Stax. These are all fun activities with a strong element of team development; all can be done inside if required.

Some activities involve relatively simple props but may contain a reasonable degree of intellectual property. We have spent considerable time researching and developing many of the activities we include in our programme.

Team Tactix goals and objectives are to build a team environment that fosters co-operation and communication, whilst breaking down barriers.

See for yourself after a day with us!!!