Lasersport & Pulse Ranger


Lasersport Electronic Clay Target Shooting (sometimes called Laser Clay Bird Shooting) is a mobile entertainment package. Team Tactix can come to a venue of your choosing or we can arrange a venue to suit.

Up to 5 people shoot at a time at a flying target - just like Clay Bird Shooting. With Lasersport, however, each persons hits and misses are recorded on an electronic scoreboard. These are real shotguns that have been modified to fire a harmless infrared laser, meaning they have no recoil effect. This makes them easy to use for everyone, even those with no previous experience.

Lasersport provides a great fun, competitive and challenging environment the whole team can enjoy.


Looking for something different for your next event?

  • Conferences and Corporate Functions
  • Team Building and Staff Training
  • Birthday Parties
  • Social Events

Try Lasersport or Pulse Ranger for something that will really leave everyone talking!



Pulse Ranger
(sometimes called Laser Strike, Laser Tag or Laser Skirmish)

The Ultimate Game Without Pain!

We have 16 guns that fire a harmless infared laser up to 150 metres away - just like the real thing. They also have grenade simulations with pinpoint accuracy.

This Laser Game is totally mobile. We set the scene, load you up and get you playing. If you run out of lives or ammunition we reset your gun to keep you in the game (with no extra charge for reloads).

Children's birthday parties are a specialty!
Pulse Ranger (sometimes called Laser Strike, Laser Tag or Laser Skirmish) is also great for strategic planning and team building!



Both games are totally mobile.

We can come to you!

You choose a venue to suit or we can suggest one.
Talk to one our friendly staff to get an activity that suits your requirements.