Fun Activities

Exciting Activities for All Reasons!
These activities can be tailored to suit any situation - fun team events through to team development (outdoors & indoors).

lasersport_roz_closeup_web_small.jpgLasersport (electronic clay target shooting) is our first known activity. It's just like the real thing but with guns that have been modified to target a harmless infrared laser. We have up to 5 people shooting at a time with their hits and misses recorded on an electronic score board. A great activity for all situations from social to team events!

Have a look at our Lasersport page (sometimes called Laser Clay Bird Shooting) for more information.
Pulse Ranger (sometimes called Laserstrike) is the ultimate in combat challenges. It has rules set to entice team work and strategic planning. Each of the teams embark on a simulated battleground to ensure their survival and accomplishment of specific guides and rules. The guns fire a harmless infrared laser.
Pulse Ranger is fun for kids of all ages and suits team events or groups of friends who are wanting a little adventure. (This activity is totally mobile and location dependent).
axethrowing_rozback_web.jpgAxe Throwing again is a well-liked activity, even with the ladies. It requires skill and coordination rather than strength. Axe Throwing is a lot of fun, with a hint of challenge. Don’t be put off by what appears to be a rather scary activity as Axe Throwing has proven to be one of our most popular activities with a very wide array of groups. Fantastic fun, very rewarding and a great way to release tension!
Archery is often one of our most popular activities. it is used to put a bit of an individual challenge in front of people in particular because it’s not as easy as it looks. We have been introducing people to Archery for a number of years now and we are amazed how many of them ask where or how they can start Archery as a sport. A fantastic activity to include in social events or team development programmes.archery_stef_web.jpg

It's Not Quite The Same is our newest activity. It is an adaptation of the memory card game you played when you were little - but of course it's not as simple as that! In order to succeed in this activity teams must have flawless communication and trust in their team members. Another great challenge to even out organisational rankings and put all team members on the same level.

To see more pictures of the great activities we offer check out the gallery.